Lash Lift Alliston

Picture waking up in the morning and your eyelashes are perfectly curled without the help of mascara or a curler. That is now achievable with the latest beauty technique: lash lift. Like many people, your lashes are most likely thin and straight with no volume to them; lash lifting sets that for you. Now, lash lifts are not like miracle growth where you all of a sudden get lengthier and fuller eyelashes overnight – it can only work with what currently exists. Lash lifting is truly perming your eye lashes so that they are semi-permanently curled. The reason this process is considered semi-permanent is because in about 10 weeks time, your permed eyelashes will all have fallen out and new lashes would grow in its place and they will hold the shape of your natural lashes. Lash lifts are still a relatively new technique in the beauty sector; so I will outline some important things to know before deciding on whether you want to get your lashes lined or not.


This is in general everyone’s first query when they find out about a new procedure. The typical cost of a lash lift in general ranges between $50 to $120. It all depends on where you live and who performs the technique. This is a relatively low price compared to eye lash extensions or false lashes if you normally get your lashes done regularly.

How Long The Results Last

Lash lift in Alliston in general last five to eight weeks; it all depends on your lifestyle and your eyelash shed cycle. If you carry out a very active lifestyle and rub your eyes a lot, your eyelashes will naturally shed faster than those who have a more tame lifestyle. Another consideration to note is how often your natural lashes shed on a typical basis. Some people have lashes that do not shed for over half a year; whereas there are some people whose eyelashes shed and regrow every three weeks. Knowing your lashes’ shed cycle will help with predicting how long the procedure will last.

How Long the Process Takes

The entire Lash lift procedure in Alliston takes approximately one hour to complete from start to finish.

Types of Lash Lifts

The first step to the procedure is usually a consultation with the best Alliston lash lift artist and it is during this meeting where you figure out what your desired outcome is. There is typically three types of lash lift: naturally curled, slightly curled, and fully curled. Naturally curled is just like it sounds – it is just a slight lift that gives that organic look. Slightly curled is a little more curled than the natural look and fully curled is more of a done up look that simulates the look of perfectly done eyelashes.

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The great thing about lash lifts is that they are extremely low maintenance. You just have to make sure you don’t get them wet immediately after the process and to not rub your eyelashes. Once the first 24 hour mark has passed, you are free to put on mascara and any make-up you choose. If you want to aid with your lash health, you can opt to put conditioners on your lashes to keep them healthy and prevent shedding. Otherwise, lash lifts are truly one of the lowest maintenance beauty procedures available.

Expect people to observe your new lashes after you get them treated. Your lashes will be an effortless addition to your organic beauty and it requires no work at all. The final results are long and lifted lashes that can be further elevated with a swipe of mascara. Many people have noticed that they use a lot less mascara after their lash lift procedure because it takes so less effort to get them curled. Another great plus of lash lifts is the lack of need for an eyelash curler. Like many others, eyelash curlers have been a nightmare and ineffective way to curling lashes for the past century. But up until lash lifting was discovered, eyelash curlers were a needed part of a make-up process because there was no other way to curl your lashes. With lash lifts, all you need to bring with you is a stick of mascara to give some volume and colour throughout the day.

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Finding an experienced and skilled beauty technician near you can be a very daunting task. The good thing with lash lifts is that there is really little room for error. The worse thing that can happen is the technician overlapping your lashes when lifting them which ends up causing a frizzy eye lash type of look. The good news is that lash lifting is reversible with the correct serum, which essentially makes the procedure risk free. Speak with you lash lift technician to understand the process prior to the session. We have created a list of highly recommended and trustworthy lash lift technicians in Alliston near you. Check them out and see whether they are a good fit for your lash needs. Make sure to check out our other pages to discover other beauty trends that is taking the world by storm!

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