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Microblading is the newest trend in the beauty industry by offering a semi-permanent solution to eyebrow makeup. The perfect eyebrow has been the foundation of beauty for as long as makeup has been around. In an ideal world, we would all have thick and full eyebrows that require very little maintenance or work to maintain; but the reality is, we have turned to using gels and pencils to obtain the perfect shape for our brows. Microblading was designed to solve the issue of thin eyebrows by providing a procedure that’s quick and easy to maintain. Microblading is a procedure that semi-permanently tattoos small hair like strokes into your eyebrow to emulate a full eyebrow look. Unlike traditional eyebrow tattoos, microblading requires the beauty technician to intricately draw on each hair into the eyebrow using a microblading pen.

The result of microblading is absolutely amazing; you are left with a full and shaped eyebrow that requires very little work to maintain. But before you commit to getting microblading done, here are a few things you should know before the procedure:

Microblading vs Microshading vs Microfeathering
Microblading, microshading, and microfeathering are all different combinations of a similar procedure. Microblading, being the most popular technique out of the three, consists of filling the eyebrow with hair like brushes to give it a volumized and darker look. Microfeathering uses the same technique as microblading, but with the focus of only lightly filling in the brow without giving it the done-up look. Finally microshading is the opposite of microfeathering where it provides you with a dark and thick eyebrow providing you that done-up look. Often times people opt to get microfeathering performed because they prefer to have a more natural look that is appropriate for the day to day. People who get microshading done enjoy the thick and dark look of the eyebrows which is why they elect to go with this method. In microblading and microfeathering, the artist uses fine needles to draw in hair like strokes into the eyebrow to create a natural hair look; in microfeathering, the technician uses a brush like tool that powders on the colour into the eyebrow giving it a thick and smoother look. Microshading simulates the look of common Youtube bloggers who have thick and dark brows that are prominent and immediately noticeable. Choosing between the three is a matter of preference; make sure you explore each option in further depth before deciding on which one is best suited for you.

The procedure MIGHT hurt
Microblading is essentially getting a tattoo on your face; naturally, microblading is going to be painful if the eyebrows are not treated beforehand. Many times, a beauty technician will offer to numb the area with a topical numbing cream which can aid to ease the pain during the process. However, this topical numbing cream can cause the skin to be softer and more vulnerable which makes their job a lot harder. For the top results, it is recommended for you to get the process with no numbing cream – but this means you will have to endure the pain.


Microblading is NOT permanent
Many people are concerned that the process is permanent and the outcome cannot be reversed if they do not like their new look; this is not the case with microblading. The ink used in microblading are degradable and will eventually dissolve away through your body digesting the ink or pigments of ink being pushed out. The results of microblading often only lasts one to three years – depending on the type of lifestyle you have. If you do like the outcome of your new eyebrows, a follow up is required once every year or two to keep the colour and shape in place.

Everyone retains ink differently
Depending on your skin type, you may retain or reject ink more commonly than others. Oily skin types are usually more difficult to work with due to the fact that they are at a higher likelihood of rejecting the ink pigment. Alternatively, if your skin tends to scar or retain keloids easily, the results of microblading may not be ideal.

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The procedure can take a couple hours
Microblading takes time to be done right. Often, the procedure starts with the technician drawing the outline out for you to give you an visual of how the shape would look. This drawing can take up to two hours to perfect depending on how precise and accurate your technician is. Also, after the procedure is complete, there is time given to after-care to ensure the microbladed area is treated for a speedy recovery.


Your microbladed eyebrows will not look identical
We have to understand that our eyes are not identical; nobody’s eyes are exact mirror images of their other eye. Hence, the eyebrows will have to created according to the shape and placement of the eye. If your right eye is closer to the bridge of your nose, then your eyebrow will also have to begin closer to your nose, and vice versa.


Don’t miss your touch up appointment
A touch-up Microblading appointment in Scarborough is typically scheduled four to six weeks after the initial procedure. Make sure you do not miss this appointment as the touch-up ensures the colour sets in, leaving you with a darker and more permanent look. At this instance, you also know whether you enjoy the look or not, so you can now decide whether to prolong the effects of microblading. Also, at this juncture, the initial darkness of microblading will have been reduced and what you get at this stage is what you will most likely have moving forward. If you like the results, then make sure you let your artist know at the touch up appointment and they can remember how to colour your future eyebrows.


Follow the post procedure instructions carefully
It is important to follow the steps prescribed to you for post treatment very carefully. How well your eyebrows heal is based on how meticulously you follow the post procedure instructions which includes the aftercare recommendations. Make sure not to ignore the instructions as the first couple days post procedure is the most common time for the results to be reversed due to lack of care.

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The results will fade
There is no way around it, the results will eventually fade. The ink used for this process is made to fade in one to two years, which is why this procedure is considered semi-permanent. How long the microbladed brows last varies on many factors that are out of your own control. If you like the results of your microbladed eyebrows, then make sure to schedule your touch up appointments in Scarborough (Agincourt) eight to ten months post procedure to ensure the shape and colour is consistently maintained.

Remember that microblading is not for everyone. There are many factors to take into consideration before committing to the process. As mentioned above, your skin type, pain tolerance, and facial structure are just a couple of considerations that can influence your decision on getting the procedure done. Make sure to thoroughly do your research before committing to a procedure. We have dedicated our time in researching the best and most qualified microblading technicians in Scarborough. Make sure to check out our other pages to find a qualified technician near you!

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